Turn your mobile into Computer
Wireless Mobi Screen + Keyboard Combo

✓ No Cable needed
✓ 1.5-4 Hr Battery Usage
✓ Ultra Light 2.2 lbs
✓ Super Slim 0.48 cm

Designed for Mobile Users

Achieving computer tasks using mobile.

Saving money for buying a computer.

Documenting Easily

Stock Management

Editing Video

Mobile + Mobi Screen + Keyboard

You can now work with your mobile easily.

Remote Work

Flexible with Wi-Fi + Built-in Battery.

With no cables, you can work anywhere you want!

Work & Study Anywhere

Boost your performance with bigger screen and keyboard combo.


With battery and ultra light design, you can bring monitor+keyboard with you anywhere.

Mobi Screen Coming Soon On Kickstarter

Time to upgrade your work & study performance

Additional Features

Ultimate Monitor Performance

If you enjoy excellent graphics, mobi screen is the choice for you! IPS + 100% RGB will give you precise color for Graphics Designer, Creative and Movie Watchers!

Compatible with Devices

Devices like Macbook, Laptop, Tablet, Switch, Xbox are also compatible with Mobi Screen.

Mobi Screen Coming Soon On Kickstarter

Mobile + Mobi Screen + Keyboard  = Efficient!